Jensen Wedding Films

Films as Extraordinary as Your Love Story

From humble beginnings in 1991, Jensen Wedding Films has grown to become one of the premier professional wedding cinematographers in California. Acclaimed international award winners for our creative work, we are based in Sacramento and also serve the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Lake Tahoe and beyond.

As skilled videographers, we tell the story of your wedding day in a simple, elegant documentary style. We also offer unique Vintage Super 8mm Film, Same-Day Edit's (SDE), and spectacular Wedding Music Video's. We also provide other creative wedding options offered no where else in the world, such as our immersive VR 360° Wedding Panoramas and incredible 4K SkyCams.

Aerial footage- the ultimate wedding intro?

As we look to tell the beautiful story of the wedding day of our brides and grooms, I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to capture them.

Several years ago, I began shooting aerial video exteriors of some of Sacramento's most popular wedding locations. I will never forget my first flight, in a Cessna one prop plane. The flight was so rocky, that I became airsick, and ended up with little useable video footage. I later learned that only 3 of the 4 engine cylinders were firing- throwing the entire plane out of balance! I have since rented helecopters to capture these beautiful shots.

In my last sortie, I invited the multi-talented Doug Levine- owner of Music-on-the-Move DJ's & MC's (the good-looking one on the left) to shoot stills of the locations while I shot video. The video was shot in beautiful High Definition16x9 widescreen with the camera mounted between twin gyros to smooth out the turbulence. We had a great time, and we ended up shooting about a dozen wedding sites including the Hyatt (Shown below). We offer these images and video to our brides as a stunning wedding introduction to their DVD's.

A few years ago one of our brides actually hired us to shoot from a helicopter during and after her ceremony . We ended up with some fabulous footage we actually presented to the guests at the reception as part of a same-day-edit! (click here to view the video). Since that shoot at the Sun City Lincoln Hills Country Club, the cost of airtime has risen dramatically, so I am now developing a Radio Controlled aircraft for our brides and grooms to capture those beautiful aerial shots. More to come...