Jensen Wedding Films

Films as Extraordinary as Your Love Story

From humble beginnings in 1991, Jensen Wedding Films has grown to become one of the premier professional wedding cinematographers in California. Acclaimed international award winners for our creative work, we are based in Sacramento and also serve the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Lake Tahoe and beyond.

As skilled videographers, we tell the story of your wedding day in a simple, elegant documentary style. We also offer unique Vintage Super 8mm Film, Same-Day Edit's (SDE), and spectacular Wedding Music Video's. We also provide other creative wedding options offered no where else in the world, such as our immersive VR 360° Wedding Panoramas and incredible 4K SkyCams.

BouquetCam V2.1

...just when you thought it was safe to throw your bridal bouquet!

Kimberly and Isaac were married on September 23, at the
Grand Island Mansion in the Sacramento Delta. The couple was the first to use the huge new tent which was specially built for wedding receptions behind the Mansion. What at beautiful wedding it was!

Kim's accidentally threw her bouquet into the chandelier- only to be retrieved by her wedding photographer (Sam Wood of
Sharpe Photographers) and Isaac her groom. Isaac used a plastic sword given to him by his father-in-law during the toast moments before (that's another story:) Our super-tiny Micro camera (BouquetCam) was hidden in the bouquet. The force of the landing in the lights popped the camera out of the flowers- with the lens just happening to be pointing downwards to get the incredulous reaction of the bride and guests below. What are the chances of that happening? Watch the video HERE. Kim almost threw the bouquet into the lights again during a second attempt...