Jensen Wedding Films

Films as Extraordinary as Your Love Story

From humble beginnings in 1991, Jensen Wedding Films has grown to become one of the premier professional wedding cinematographers in California. Acclaimed international award winners for our creative work, we are based in Sacramento and also serve the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Lake Tahoe and beyond.

As skilled videographers, we tell the story of your wedding day in a simple, elegant documentary style. We also offer unique Vintage Super 8mm Film, Same-Day Edit's (SDE), and spectacular Wedding Music Video's. We also provide other creative wedding options offered no where else in the world, such as our immersive VR 360° Wedding Panoramas and incredible 4K SkyCams.

A reminscence from a bride.

Karie & Roger were married in August of 2004 at the Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church (a current photo is shown above). Karie recently sent me this touching letter regarding the value of her wedding video:

"Hi Mike - I hope life is treating you well. I was glad to see you are still doing video's for folks.

Five years ago you filmed my wedding and I have to tell you that I have never once regretted hiring you or purchasing such a lavish package. My husband and I watch our video every year on our anniversary. Still to this day we have so many emotions over viewing it because it is just so special to us. We laugh at the funny comments and images you caught from our friends, we cry when we each hear our vows. The life of our wedding was brought back to life year after year because you captured it perfect for us.

I remember arguing with my husband-to-be about hiring someone to film our wedding and how he said it was way to expensive and that it wasn't necessary. Today he looks at me and said that it was the best "giving in" that he did and is so happy that we have it for a life time.

Four months after our wedding my Grandmother passed away and the video you took is the only live images that I have of her. Because of this video I will never forget her mannerisms, her voice, the way she looked, and how wonderful she was.

It also made my heart melt when my daughter, 3 years old, could see her Great Grandma that she saw in so many pictures. It just made me cry when she looked up at her on the TV and saw her GG for the first time and pointed and said Mommy, that's my GG!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such an impressive job. You have touched our lives by offering your talents and I will never regret choosing you and your folks for my video.

Karie and Roger "

(...did I say we film some of the world's most wonderful couples...and that our couples end up having the cutest kids? -Mike)