Jensen Wedding Films

From humble beginnings in 1991, Jensen Wedding Films has grown to become one of the premier professional wedding cinematographers in California.  Acclaimed international award winners for our creative work, we are based in Sacramento and also serve the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Lake Tahoe and beyond.

 As skilled videographers, we tell the story of your wedding day in a simple, elegant documentary style. We also offer Vintage Super 8mm Film, Same-Day Edit's (SDE), Slow Motion Video Booths, and spectacular Wedding Music Video's.   We also provide other creative wedding options offered no where else in the world, such as our immersive 360° Wedding Panoramas and incredible 4K SkyCams.


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New 'Wedding Planet' found!

...just when you learned that Pluto was no longer a real planet... You may have seen our fullscreen Quicktime panoramas. We continue to offer these stunning images to our brides (see below). Above is an interesting variation of a wedding panorama- a 'planet' or polar panorama. CLICK ON THE PLANET to view a larger version. This planet panorama was created from 6 stitched fisheye images from the beautiful wedding of Kulaya and Nine at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, August 18. Our hot steadicam operator is Scott Rodier. Images shot by our wonderful camera assistant Julie Arden. Still Photographer was Sara from Kuperberg Photography.

CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW to view the fullscreen panoramic image: